Glasgow Pilates Classes


"I am new to pilates but would recommend Emma Steenson's physio-led classes to anyone. I have struggled with back and hamstring problems over the years (made worse by cycling) and the difference after only four weeks of classes is amazing. Emma is an experienced and highly regarded physio and that expertise really comes out at the class." Barrie, Kelvinside

"Having a qualified physiotherapist to show me the ropes has been a revelation. I finally "get it!" :) Emma Steenson is wonderfully patient, doesn't make you feel ridiculous, is encouraging and always smiles. So glad I found her." Fiona, Dowanhill

"I attended Emma for pain in my lower back, hips and legs and was lucky enough to choose Emma Steenson for some physiotherapy... Emma is a fantastic practitioner, knowledgeable, interested and and motivated and was a joy to work with."  Lorna, Glasgow.

"Since starting Pilates, I am truly amazed by how much of a transformation I have felt.  Even after a couple of sessions I was surprised by how easily and quickly I could identify a number of benefits, both physical and mental." Kate, West End.

"Emma's personal approach makes all the difference to me and, whether it is due to her physiotherapy training and experience or just her natural patience and teaching inclinations, I think Emma does a fantastic job with us! I could not recommend her highly enough!" Adena, Bearsden.

What is Pilates

Pilates is a complete body workout that is aimed at improving core stability, flexibility and postural awareness. In a world where laptops & i-pads are the norm poor posture and weak cores are more prevalent leading to pain, injury and disability.  Pilates is a mind-body form of exercise which places great importance on initiating movement from a central core of stability.

During the class Emma ensures that you are using the correct muscles thereby helping to resolve muscle imbalances. Throughout the class you are closely supervised to ensure that you are confident in what you are doing and thereby making the exercises highly effective.  Class sizes are limited deliberately to 15 people in order to allow Emma to give her clients adequate attention and supervision.  During the exercises breathing control is monitored so that movements are controlled and flowing.  As a result participants are able to improve stability and strength without holding their breathe and going red in the face! Exercises can be progressed through the use of equipment such as foam rollers and therabands so you are always being challenged.